Socrates famously said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Have you ever wondered what the purpose of life is? Have you ever wondered why humans are here on earth? Have you thought about what will happen when your heart stops beating? Have you thought about where you will go after you die? Have you ever questioned what the point of life, death, and the universe is? Sadly, billions of people live and die without ever getting answers to these essential questions.

What’s the Point of Life, Death, and the Universe?: Find Out Why You Exist answers the profound questions that every human being asks themselves. It is part biography, part self-help work-book, and part spiritual manifesto. The information in this book is relevant to everyone, and it transcends gender, religion, race and age groups.

Author Gurdeep Brar shows readers how to significantly improve every aspect of their life including relationships, parenting, career, health and spirituality. She explains that the root cause of human suffering is the disconnection between the soul and the mind. She identifies and defines what our relationship is with the universe, the spirit world, God’s realm and the paranormal world. In detail, Brar explains what the purpose of life is, what happens when we die, and where we go in the afterlife.

By combining personal anecdotes with spiritual reflections, Brar approaches concepts such as positive thinking, energy, fear, and gratitude in a fresh and friendly way. Thought provoking questions conclude most chapters, which keep the reader actively engaged throughout the entire book. The reader is compassionately guided through his or her own spiritual journey. It leads the reader to find out who you are, what your worth, and what your purpose in life is.

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