Book’s Introduction

Seven billion people live on Earth: a place each one of us calls home. People with different skin colors reside in 195 countries around the world. No two people have 100% of the exact same DNA, and no personalities are identical. No one knows the day a person will be born, and no one can predict the day a person will die. Breathtaking sunrises start our days, and at night, countless stars accompany the moon to light up the dark sky. There are so many wonders in this world; we cannot even begin to count them all.

Human intelligence has developed languages, societies, politics, and economics. Man has created objects such as bridges, dams, satellites, and space shuttles. Science and technology have advanced so much that they have predicted how all this came into existence. Approximately 13.7 billion years ago, a Big Bang occurred in the universe, and through a long complex chain of events, the planet Earth was created. After millions of years of evolution, the human race came to be.

According to scientific discoveries, you and I, along with everything else in this world, simply exist because of a coincidental accident that occurred in the universe billions of years ago. There was no purpose. There was no plan. It just happened. I do not disagree with science or its scientific theories; however, I cannot write off the human experience as a mere coincidence.

I feel, I laugh, and I cry. I experience tremendous love, joy, pain, and agony with every inch of my being. How can all this just be a byproduct of a scientific phenomenon? There has to be more. There has to be a point. I’m sure the Big Bang Theory is accurate, but it did not happen by chance or coincidence. I believe there is no such thing as a coincidence. The Big Bang, like everything else, must have been premeditated. A higher power must have caused it for a very specific reason. Someone or something intricately planned, created, and continues to maintain all that exists. The question is why?

This world is an amazing place where children’s laughter, beautiful landscapes, and wonderful experiences occur. However, it cannot be denied that an underlying sadness and sorrow exists within the human race. From what I can see, billions of people are lost, confused, scared, and detached. Billions more are simply going through the motions of life, wrapped up in acquiring and maintaining material goods. So many people are in the mental state of what I call material-comatose.

Perhaps the human race has been suffering this way for thousands of years, or perhaps this has come to an all-time high in our lifetime. I do not know. I have heard that many studies suggest that we are becoming a more depressed and anxious society with every passing decade. More people are using antidepressants and sedatives than ever before.

Economic inequality, acts of war and terrorism, and poverty have saddened me to my core. In our world, guns, bombs, and nuclear weapons are used to kill, destroy, and conquer. Innocent children are beaten and raped. Genocides and ethnic cleansing happen in the name of God and religion. How can we call ourselves a civilized society? What kind of world has man created? I cannot help but wonder what is missing inside of human nature that allows such things to happen.

Ever since I was a child, I have internalized and felt the pain of others. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, someone on the news, or a bug trapped inside my house, my heart goes out to them. I want to do everything in my power to help. However, I have been unable to solve people’s true problems, and I was incapable of alleviating pain and suffering. This made me feel powerless, and when you are powerless, compassion becomes an impossible burden to carry.

I have spent years feeling as though, in this gigantic world, I am just one person—one person who has no control. I felt helpless. I even went through phases where I stopped watching the news, but I soon realized that out of sight did not mean out of mind. Even though I was not watching the horrific scenes of people suffering on the news, my feelings of sadness and helplessness did not go away.

As I write this—at this very moment—tears are pouring down my face. My chest feels heavy, and my heart is aching. Just a few years ago, I remember being a 32-year-old woman, carrying the burden of the world on my shoulders. Every morning I would wake up feeling as though the world’s problems were my problems.

I was terrified of my mortality, petrified of death, and I was frightened for everyone else whose death was inevitable. I would lie in bed at night and worry that my parents and loved ones must be worried about dying. Having a three-year-old son and being pregnant with my second child amplified these feelings. How was I going to explain this world to my children? How was I going to explain their life and their impending deaths to them? Through the thousands of questions I had, one kept haunting me—what is the point? What is the point of it all?

After being completely consumed by fear and confusion, I was compelled to try and do something. I had to help myself. I had to help my family, and I had to do something for my world. It literally made me sick to my stomach to think about how I was going to do this. How was I going to help people who are dealing with turmoil in their lives? How was I going go to change people and motivate them to help make this world a better place? How was I going to help others understand their lives and not be afraid of death? Talk about having high ambitions!

An onion is often used as an analogy for getting to the center of a problem. You need to peel the layers of an onion, one at a time, to get to its core—to get to the truth of something. Metaphorically speaking, I spent years feeling like I was trapped inside the center of a large onion. I had layers and layers of knowledge and understanding around me, but I had no means of accessing it.

When religion, self-help books, and other people tried to define the realities of our existence for me, I did not have the capacity to understand them fully. I found a lot of the information to be confusing, too deep, and too philosophical. Often a voice inside told me that these theories and ideas were not quite right. This made me even more confused and fearful. I was completely lost. So I prayed, and I put my heart-filled intent into the universe. I wanted to learn and understand the greater meaning of our existence. I asked for the non-visible truths of our reality to become clear to me.

Finally, one day I had an epiphany, which most certainly came as an answer to my prayers. I needed to peel the layers of my onion from the inside out—one at a time. I had to start at the core and work my way out. I call this reverse peeling of an onion my spiritual journey.

Through countless realizations and epiphanies that came at an unimaginable speed, I learned, and finally, I understood. I rose to a much higher level of awareness. All the confusion went away, and everything started to make sense. I left my sadness and helplessness behind. I freed myself! I comprehended that, to find God and understand His or Her creation, I needed to first find myself and understand the life that I have been creating. It is a journey that absolutely went from the inside out. Surprisingly, I found the answer to my most fundamental question: what’s the point of life, death, and the universe?

I have been so inspired by author, educator, and global renaissance woman Maya Angelou. She says, “When you get, you should give,” and “When you learn, you should teach.” I know I have been given an incredible gift, and it is not meant for me alone. The idea of becoming a teacher is incredibly humbling; however, it is undeniable that everything that has happened in my life has led me to this moment. It has led me to write this book. I have always wanted to help people and make a difference in the world; I think this book is my way of starting that process.

Before I talk the talk, I want you to know that I have walked the walk. Externally I have been a fairly successful woman; however, internally my story was completely different. During different periods in my life I have been insecure, depressed, and self-loathing. I have struggled with loss, debt, failure, and many other problems. I have felt unworthy and did not know my purpose in life. I can relate to the many issues you may be going through in your life. Fortunately, I have survived all of these struggles. I came out the other end, feeling worthy, satisfied, peaceful, and happy.

This book will tell you everything that I learned. I will show you what I did to become highly successful on both the inside and the outside. Personally, I do not believe that awareness, self-discovery, and spirituality can be taught. They already exist within you, so they can only be inspired or awoken.

This book is not filled with fancy words of inspiration and motivation. It is not a deeply complicated philosophical book. It is not going to list instructions on how to better your life. It is not generic, and I don’t believe it will leave you confused with more questions than when you started. I hope it isn’t something that you will read through in a few days and leave behind. How many times have you read a self-help book or gone to a seminar and been inspired? How long did that inspiration last? Did it move you to action? As human beings, we are easily distracted. Often our motivation and drive fades quickly, especially when it comes to working on our internal life.

If the effects of my words are not permanent, then I did not do my job as an author. I designed this book as a course. You will have to use these thoughts and ideas to work through your own life. This book will peel the layers of your onion, one at a time, from the inside out. It will take you on a special journey of your own.

One of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein is, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” In the simplest way I know how, I identify and define what our relationship is with the universe, the spirit world, God’s realm, and the paranormal world. In detail, I explain what the point of life is, what happens when we die, and where we go in the afterlife. Through anecdotes about my life and my journey, and by providing detailed instructions, I will teach you how to significantly improve every aspect of your life, including relationships, parenting, career, health, and spirituality. I will help you find your worth and your purpose in life. More importantly, I believe each one of us is here to change the world. I will show you exactly what you can do to help heal the world and achieve peace and happiness for all.

I have struggled with how I would provide proof for what I am about to say, but then I realized that I did not need any proof. A voice inside me told me what was right and what was not quite accurate. The things I am about to share with you resonated deep inside of me as the truth. I have made the conscious decision not to confuse my message by backing it with so-called proofs—after all, proof is subjective.

While reading this book, there may be many times where you have questions, such as, How does she know that? or Where did that information come from? The only answer I can give you upfront is that they came from within me. Some revelations came through meditation, some came from my soul and my intuition, and other ideas were built on thought processes that others evoked in me. Also I am currently pregnant. Perhaps some of this is coming from my baby, whose heart is beating inside of me, yet is still one with the creator.

I love the saying, “A skeptic is proven right time and time again.” Yes I meant a skeptic is proven right. If you go into a situation as a skeptic, you will likely find something to prove your skepticism correct. It is great that you are right; however, what have you learned. If you enter something as a non-believer, you deny yourself the opportunity of learning or experiencing something new. I ask you to please read on with an open mind and let your own intuition guide you. You may be surprised with how much of what I say resonates within you as the truth.
Physically writing things down is an integral part of learning and growing. I’m sure you remember that from school. Simply thinking about things does not allow you to track your progress. Thinking about things does not provide you with a reference guide. You need to write your thoughts down. This book is your working journal, so please go ahead and write in it. Pick up a highlighter and highlight things that intrigue you. Circle thoughts and ideas that resonate with you. I want you to use my words to reflect on your own life.

At the end of most chapters, I will strategically ask you to answer a few short questions. This will help you relate concepts and ideas to your own life. This way you will understand your life. You will be guided to find the meaning and purpose for your existence.

Reflecting on the past is important because past situations and events leave cuts and wounds in our life’s story. Even though you have put bandages over them, most of them are likely still bleeding and causing pain. In order to move forward, we need to go back and revisit each wound. As uncomfortable as it may be, we need to momentarily relive our heartbreaks and our heartaches. If you follow my lead, I will help you heal all old wounds, and once and for all, put the past where it belongs—in the past. By answering the questions at the end of each chapter, you will get to know yourself in a way you never thought possible. By answering these questions, you will know where you are, where you have been, and where you are going.

There is a saying, “Your life should be like an open book.” You shouldn’t have any secrets, and you shouldn’t hide anything from anyone. By writing this book, my life has actually become an open book. I encourage you to also make this your mantra. Go to and write your answers and your revelations as you go. Also as you’re reading this book, post things on Facebook and twitter and let your social network in on your journey. It will liberate you and bring you closer to people.

Often our relationships deteriorate because we don’t have meaningful things to talk about. Watching movies, eating dinners, and running errands with people do not create solid bonds—communication does. This book is a communication tool: a tool to communicate with yourself and with others. I encourage you to get another copy of this book for your significant other, or for anyone whom you wish to have a deeper connection with. You can read it simultaneously and discuss it. At the end of each chapter, you can share your thoughts and your answers with each other. This way you and your loved ones will have something meaningful to talk about. You will get to know each other on a much deeper level.

Before you continue, take a moment to officially start your journey by answering the following questions. If you need more space there are blank pages in the back. If you are reading electronically, then start a journal and write down your answers in that. It is my sincerest request that you do not skip through this step. There is a reason why you picked up this book. There is a reason why you are here right now, reading these very words. You picked up this book to improve your life, so please be actively involved in the process. Don’t just skim through the pages. You owe it to yourself to participate and to try. This will help you track the progress you are about to make. Also I will be asking you to come back and revisit your answers.

Don’t think about the questions too much; just write down what comes to mind. I know that most answers are not black and white, but I want you to choose yes or no for a specific reason.

1.     Yes or No. Have you ever thought about what the point of life is?
If yes
a.   Yes or No. Did you find an answer?
b.   In a few words, what do you think the point of life is?

2.     Yes or No. Have you ever thought about what will happen to you when you die?
3.     Yes or No. Does this scare you?
4.     Yes or No. Are you happy?
5.     Yes or No. Do you spend enough time looking inwards and working on your internal life?
6.     Yes or No. Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?
7.     After reading the title of this book and the introduction, list two or three questions that come to your mind about this topic:
7.     What are you skeptical about?