Gurdeep Brar was born and raised in Canada to immigrant parents who came to Canada to provide a great life for their children. Externally she was an actress and a model who had tremendous Pageant success. She was 1st runner-up Miss India Canada in 1996. She then became one of the first visible minorities to win Miss Calgary in 2001. Brar went on to become 1st runner-up Miss Canada and was Top Model Canada 2002. She had the privilege of representing Canada at the Top Models of the World competition in Germany in 2002. She also ran her own local entertainment company, and spent over fifteen years working in television and radio.

Internally, however, she was lost, depressed, and self-deprecating. After years of feeling unworthy, she embarked on a spiritual journey, which provided her with countless realizations and revelations. Brar opens up her life and her heart to the world by sharing her personal story and spiritual reflections in her book What’s The Point of Life, Death, and the Universe?: Find Out Why you exist. the book is part memoir, part spiritual manifesto, and part self-help workbook.

Brar self-published a test print of this book in 2013. The book received rave reviews, including a four star rating from Clarion Magazine. The book caught the attention of many high profile professionals, and even received a personally signed letter from Oprah Winfrey. Dr. Jean Houston is backing the project and wrote a Foreword for the book, and Brar has been signed by one of the most successful Literary Agents in the entire book industry, Bill Gladstone of Waterside Productions. Bill Gladstone represents many best-selling authors such as Eckhart Tolle and Neale Donald Walsch. A copy of the book's test print is available at and many other on-line sites for a limited time. The book's official release is coming soon!

Aside from writing, Brar is a Motivational Speaker and a Life Coach. She is also a proud mother, who in fact wrote her book while she was pregnant with her second child.